Monday, December 29, 2008

Last blog of 2008

I always am a little weirded out by myself at this time of year. I am aware that I am OCD personified. I am ultra organized in some very strange ways. I take the time the last week of each year to go through my purses and various project bags and drawers to collect all the little bits of paper I scribble on. And yes in keeping with the title of this blog they are mostly lists. Lists of everything under the sun like websites, magazines I like , menus, magazines I saw something cool in, books I want, music I want, goals, shopping lists, budgets, songs I need to upload to my MP3 player, clothes I fit into, people who might fit into the clothes I can't wear, things to watch for at yard sales, my friends favorite things, my friends food allergies, phone numbers, and most importantly to do lists. The stack is huge.... I sort out the things I no longer need to remember and need is a very flexible term. I enter several of the lists into Excel charts I keep and file all the rest into files sorted by year and subject. Folks I think I am totally nuts. I love my lists, I love the information that a list represents, I love the organizational power that I hold on those little slips of paper. I have friends that scribble on paper and it is usually creative like a cartoon or design for something. I have a lot of creative friends and I usually envy them until I remember that I am organized. They may get lots of attention for their beautiful creations but I am the one they all call when they need to figure out their taxes or pack things neatly when they move. When they are scrambling at the event to find things, I have what we need at my fingertips or in totes with yep you guessed it lists of whats inside the totes securely attached. I know that I am strange and different but someday you will need my bizarre quirk and I will happily help you. Or not.....It all depends on what list you are on.

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