Sunday, November 30, 2008

The post of the first

Thanksgiving was good. Managed to get through both family dinners sober. Friday shopping was disappointing as I only got half of what was on my list, but I didn't have to ram anyone to get out of my parking spot this year and only had to yell at two idiots. Pretty great if I do say so myself.

The corset is coming along great. I have almost half of the eyelets sewn and the entire bottom binding done. I received my Margo Anderson pattern two days after ordering it!! Wow that is some speedy service and it looks amazing. My list of costume to do's this week is huge since Ash is coming over next weekend to help me fit the bodice of my new Solstice gown.

Costume To Do list

  • Finish rounding off boning ends (102)

  • Finish handsewn eyelets (19)

  • Cut yardage for forepart, chalk outline

  • Handsew lace to shirt collar

  • Make pretty white pantaloons (because we will be lawn bowling in our underwear)

  • Cut and sew skirt, begin cartridge pleating

Now if I get everything done it will be time for pictures so keep your fingers crossed.