Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New year

Goals not resolutions. That is what I make. I have not had firm goals that I work on in a little bit and I feel disorganized and without guidance. I love goals. I love lists because they are like little goals I can look at and work on every day. I need more long term, forest not tree, goals however. The big goal I have made is going to be super fun. I have decided to go to England for my 40th birthday. This is a little bit over 6 years away and will actually take a bit to accomplish. I have to
  • Earn the money
  • Plan the trip, ie. hotels, food, sightseeing, geneology
  • Contact my family there
  • Get out of debt so I can rack more up overseas!
  • Lose some weight so I am more comfortable on the trip.

I have always wanted to make this trip and the year that I am 40 is going to be perfect for it. My kids will be grown, I have plenty of time to get excited, I can include lots of other goals and use the trip as my reward. I plan on some regular touristy stuff but I want to see all the places my family came from so it would probably be boring for most people. Everyone is wanting to come with me and all I can say is "Good Luck". I won't include anyone on my trip because I am selfish but if you happen to earn the money on your own and go the same days as me it will be great to get to occasionally see a fellow yankee. My mother was horrified when she heard I was going planning to go alone. My husband laughed his head off when she declared that I couldn't possibly be happy wandering the UK alone. He knows me so well.

Let me know if you have taken a trip to the UK and have someplace you really want me to see. This includes shopping eating drinking museums castles. Extra points if you have a place in Wales for me to see and can tell me in Welsh. Yep I know Welsh. Had to, to translate the geneology.