Sunday, January 11, 2009

An addition to a very short list

An addition to a very short list or......... what happened at 12th Night.
So one of the shortest lists in my life is my list of awards I have received in the 12 years I have been in the SCA. Up until yesterday it had only two, my AOA and my DUCK. Well the list got a bit longer yesterday at 12th Night in Gryphon's Lair. I received my Golden Maple Leaf, a very cool arts and sciences award, from the coolest king and queen in the world. I have disliked how short the list is but not being someone who does things just to get an award and deathly afraid of appearing to be a buttkisser what could I do about it? I have done my best to notice those around me in the same situation and mention the problem to certain adorable brass hats I know. (As well as griping to my best friends about it.) Folks please please send letters to your royalty about your friends and other people you notice doing cool things. The letters don't have to be long or brilliant and if you want help grab your seneschal or ask your friendly neighborhood baron or baroness, show them what it looks like so far and ask for feedback. At the very least recognize the person yourself, mention how cool such and such was, send a thank you card to a seneschal or autocrat after a particularly enjoyable event, or invite them to teach your guild or local area a class. This ends the soapbox portion of my blog, please save your applause for the end of the show.

I have been working on the getting ready for Estrella non sewing list.
  • Ask for time off work. Done
  • Beg grandma to take your kids for a week. Insert happy dance image. Done
  • Preregister for Estrella ($135 including parking fee) Done
  • Beg cool people to let you camp with them. Done
  • Beg amazing cooks to feed you ($12 a day per person and shrimp, steak and roasted chicken are included on the menu, I am drooling already) Done
  • Get a friend to share a table at the Arts and Sciences display. I luv you B and Ash. Done
  • Sign up to teach a class. (Garbing your SCA child) Done
  • Research local motels along the route for some real rest and a hot shower.
  • Call AAA and get additional coverage. Worth every penny, trust me.
  • Tune up and fix car. Our axle joint is badly damaged and we need two tires. $200+
  • Check tent and camping boxes to start supply shopping list.
  • Check armour for any weak spots or problems.
  • File taxes so there is shopping and emergency money.
  • Renew SCA memberships that expire end of January. $60
  • Get everything packed into the car and pray you don't forget anything.

I am sure I am forgetting a few things and I will add to the list but for now those are the important things. I included amounts to inspire fellow crazies to plan ahead because it is expensive. Getting your taxes filed early for that refund helps a lot and so does the recent cut in gas prices. I have saved enough from not spending $80 on a tank of gas lately to pay for all the crucial things to get us there and keep us alive. The tax refund will pay for the fun stuff. Classes cost a bit, and don't even get me started on the shopping. One month to go and I am cautiously optimistic. I can't wait to spend a week in Arizona getting into trouble with a few hundred friends.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And the first post of the new year is....

So I survive ringing in the new year. No parties this year. Instead I worked at the only convenience store crazy enough to stay open that night. It was insane. But after a lot of sleep I was able to get a lot done. I finished enlarging the gussets on my hubbie's blue tunic. It also has split triangle gores at the sides.

Here is a close up of the neckline. Steve handed me an old red tablecloth and said can this go on it. Very viking. The blue is navy flannel from Joanns at $2.50 a yard and the trim I have had around for a few years.

I also took some pictures of my full chemise with the lace collar. there is no ruffle on the cuffs and the neck stays open cuz I like it that way. Thin white cotton muslin from Walmart $1 a yard. Lace from an old dress shop that used to be on Center street in Provo. Bought 20 yards for maybe $3.

And some pictures of my pink corset with the red binding. I used wide plastic zip ties from the Home Depot as boning and canvas as the lining and interlining. Straight all around boning channels that took half a lifetime to sew and then the other half a lifetime to bind. I usually don't mind being a big girl. This made me want to diet big time. My petticoat and an apron are made from the same pink fabric. This fabric was a major find. Clearance table 12 years ago. Made it into a large canopy drape over the baby's crib. Took it down and used it to cover tables for displays. Took a class on Roman garb a few years back and thought this would work, made matching stola's for me and my daughter. The fabric was too stiff and uncomfortable so it sat for a bit more. Decided to make an outfit from stash fabric and out it came again. Made the corset, petticoat and apron and still have enough left over to play with. The ultimate fabric that keeps on giving. All eyelets are handstitched around metal rings. Use stainless steel so you don't cry when they rust through.

I made a black kirtle for Coronation this year. I love the fit both with and without my corset. It is very comfortable. Used the same pattern as the corset and added straps. Double pleated the skirt which was tricky because I had to have the pleats in back unfold as a placket for the side back lacing on the bodice. Funny thing is the corset was too big and the kirtle was almost too tight but made from the same pattern. Lined just the bodice. Super secret for friends only..... the black linen is that horrible sequined glitter rainbow butterflies stuff Joanns sold a couple summers ago and I just flipped it and used the back. Yep there are crazy butterflies flying around the inside of my skirt. The only thing I would change is the bottom front of the straps is too narrow. I will fix it on the brown kirtle I am working on. I still have to cover the eyelets on this one.