Sunday, March 8, 2009

I have been too busy to make a list, which is very busy indeed

Estrella was amazing. I have been lacking that magic feeling and kinda bummed out about it. But it is okay because I felt the magic again. It is such a rush and reminded me all over again why I devote endless hours, blood, sweat, and tears to this hobby.

  • We processed HRM Tianna in on her dragon and it was amazing.
  • I got all but the hand sewing in on my clothing and that gave me something to do at the event.
  • I got some of the books that I have had on my reference book wish list.
  • I have amazing friends and was able to be a good friend right back.
  • I had scolding from Laurels as to my choice in classes. They were very disappionted that I didn't take more classes with them. I wasn't even aware that they knew I existed.
  • The class I taught went well though I wish there had been more attendees. The children were for the most part dressed horribly.
  • We got a lot of people drunk and they got us drunk too.
  • The weather behaved itself when we finally got there.
  • I bought into the best kitchen ever!!

I can't wait for the next Estrella I get to attend. I learned so much and it was worth every penny for the memories I brought back.

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